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Let me check your website to make sure you are up to date with the latest digitalization standards.

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    Why should you do the website check?

    Performance &
    responsive design

    It is important that your page is accessible to the customer within 2-3 seconds, otherwise you may lose the customer.

    Also, in today's world, it is important that your website is compatible for all devices and browsers, for a good user experience.

    A website must look the same on all devices as well as browsers, otherwise it is unprofessional.

    Security &

    It is important to maintain the security of your website as well as secure the data of your customers in your services.

    Not only security is important, but also the way you build the website and what kind of data is loaded with each page.

    Cookie queries must be set correctly, otherwise you are vulnerable to penalties.


    It is important that your site is up to date with the times. There are many competitors and you need to keep up with the latest digital standards with your online presence.

    Technical simplifications must be implemented, such as chat windows, online appointment request, and more.

    Does the customer recognize that you are at the pulse of time?

    What you wil get from me

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